"In Southwest Finland the quality of life is at its best. The successful and well-being region is built through cooperation and partnership."

This is the vision, as formulated in the Regional Strategy for Southwest Finland.

The Regional Council is compromised of 27 municipalities. It functions as the regions strategic planner, regional developer, lobbyist and handles the regions international relations. Most assignments are regulated by the Land Use and Builiding Act.

Two documents guide the activity and development of the Council. The Regional Scheme for Southwest Finland 2035 sets the direction for the region towards the year 2035 +, and the Regional Programme indicates the measures to be taken to reach these goals. Together, these documents form the Regional Strategy of Southwest Finland.

The regional strategy for Southwest Finland includes four priorities:

  • Future is shaped by choices now - Responsibility
  • Together across the borders - Cooperation skills
  • Approachable gateway of the Baltic Sea - Accessibility
  • Innovative forerunner - Resource efficiency

The vision is implemented through partnership in which the aim for the region's future is shaped together. It requires commitment to a joint venture and common means to reach the goals. The regional strategy wishes to involve all regional actors: people, companies, educational institutions and associations.

The vision can be reached in an innovative atmosphere that allows for testing and new types of activities and where it is possible to also make mistakes. The regional focus is on activities improving involvement, openness, encounters, interaction and communities.

Partnership is a way of thinking in which the common goal is considered more important than single benefits. All areas have an identity of their own and a meaningful role in the whole, where developing the strengths and characteristics is seen more valuable than the mental and geographical borders.

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