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This summer has not been the most welcome to outdoor activities. Even thoug there is a saying: "There is no bad weather only inappropriate clothing" - it is even more true if you live in Finland. Finns are always ready to be outside and do the fun stuff!

The recreation possibilities in Turku are almost limitless - from 18 year olds to 50+! Well almost - each of us are different and we love different hobbies. Speaking of the rain last week: I was playing soccer with my colleagues in Kuppitaa park in the rain, it didn't seem bothering them at all - awesome!

I try to be as active as possible so no weather conditions can stop me. I live with the motto: "Happy Mind Healthy Body Strong Soul". The more active we are and the more familiar we become with our body, the happier we can be.

All of us can find the things that make us happy. For me it´s sport. I feel free and free of thoughts and concerns when I am active.
There are no problems that can bother you when you fly the kite in 10 m/s wind. The power that Kite generates is insane, there is no room for error. That is the beauty of extreme sports.

The kite is that weird sail flying 25 meters above your head. First time I saw it I thought: Cool, I want to try it. I did, and after two days of training I thought: There is no way I can get going with the board and still fly that devil.

It took me like 10 hours of shame walk and frustration to learn Kitesurfing. I definitely suggest it to everyone who like speed, power and extreme feelings on the water. The feeling when you jump from the water 5m high is unique. You simply fly and at the same time your mind is occupied with the fact that you would like to land at some point, and it better be safe... Well, no one ever has left hanging in the air, thank God!

Speaking of activities and the weather, three things can keep me quite busy trough out the whole year: cycling in the summer, snowboarding in the winter and kitesurfing from April until October. Gym and AcroYoga are great options for rainy days. The great thing about all these is that you can do it here – in Turku. We have beautiful parks to go out and do yoga, great cycling roads and nice cycling culture, and last but not least Kitesurfing in Ruissalo.

The must do is the Archipelago Trail. It is approximately 250 km. Do it with the bicycle and a group of friends. It took us three days, one liter of Rum and lots of fun to finish the root. There are many beautiful views and local people who are willing to help you. I have to mention that it was raining the first day of the trip, but it did not kill our mood, because we had a cottage with sauna - and the rum.

Facebook can also be useful. Not only dog and cat videos can be found there, but also "Cool stuff" about activities in Turku parks. There are joint activities like Park yoga and other activities, where random people get together and just do stuff. How awesome is that?

I have been enjoying park yoga this summer and also AcroYoga. I never thought that Yoga can be fun and quite challenging.

Stay active and think positive, good luck!

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