The decision making bodies are the Assembly and the Managing Board. The office is lead by the Regional Mayor and divided into five departments;

Department of Regional Development

Regional development promotes the autonomic and balanced development of the region by coordinating developmental activities and ensuring the financing decisions required by the implementation of programmes. Through the same, prerequisites for the development of business life are created, and goals furthering the well-being of inhabitants are achieved.

Department for Promotion of Regional Interests

The goal of regional promoting of interests, cooperation with municipalities and international activity is to supervise the interests of Southwest Finland both nationally and internationally, operate as a vehicle of communications in the direction of the subregions and the inhabitants of Southwest Finland and nurture the regional spirit.

Department of Land Use and Environment

Through the planning of land use, the development of the region and condition of the environment are furthered. In this work, interaction and participation in particular are developed in addition to forms of cooperation by means of information technology and collaboration projects. The starting point of this effort is the implementation of the Act on Land Use and Building on the regional level.

Department for the Management of International EU Programmes

The Central Baltic INTERREG V A programme 2014-2020 finances projects related to the environment, competitiveness, and innovation, or in the enhancing of regional attractiveness. The financing derives from the Regional Development Fund.

Administration Department

Agendas and minutes for Managing Board and Assembly meetings are prepared and collated within the Administration of the Regional Council of Southwest Finland. The Administration also looks after the Council's financial matters and annually drafts its operational and economic plan.