Southwest Finland is Finland's leading agricultural area and a significant food producer. There is a unique competence network in shipyards, and the cooperation between Turku's shipyards and its subcontractors has resulted in the biggest and the most environmental cruisers in the world. Marine and metal industries form the base in the region’s economic life.

The automobile factory in Uusikaupunki manufactures Mercedes A cars. The metal and electric industries have been strengths of the region. The development of the electric industry is important for the whole region's wealth. The bio cluster has long been emphasized in the region’s development and Turku is the leading region in medicine development in Finland.

The traditional industry has given room for the service sector. The region’s environment offers unique possibilities for developing tourism. Southwest Finland has a unique archipelago and a growing cultural production.



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Loimaa subregion

Loimaa subregion (37 000 inhabitants) is the most agricultural of Southwest Finland’s subregions. In the manufacturing production metal industry plays an important part. The development of business areas, tourism services and residential areas by the main traffic routes is a priority. Machine technology, metal, tree and construction industry, agribusiness (agriculture and game house holding, production of food and drink), and welfare are important.


Salo subregion

The economic life of Salo subregion (64 00 inhabitants) is mostly manufacturing production, where Nokia is of significant importance. The strength of the subregion is its location by the E18 motorway between Turku and Helsinki. The information and communication technology, the centralized wireless data transmission, and the innovation environment are internationally strong. The competence in energy and process industry is also important. The subregion invests in innovation activity. Central lines of businesses are ICT, services, logistics, metal industry and alternative energy technologies.


Turku subregion

Two thirds of the population of Southwest Finland lives in the Turku subregion (307 000 inhabitants), and one third lives only in Turku (176 000 inhabitants). As the region centre Turku functions as the region’s engine. The economic life is versatile. Even though primary production is higher in absolute figures than in the rest of Southwest Finland, it’s smaller relatively. The subregion is strong in expertise and research, and in the sea cluster and bio sector. The research and development activity, shipyards, shipping and marine technology of the sea cluster are big employers. Half of Finland’s medical development and diagnostics companies are located in Turku subregion. ICT and the creative arts are national strengths. The significance of tourism and event industry is growing.


Turunmaa subregion

The economic life of Turunmaa subregion (23 000 inhabitants) is emphasized on services. The area is developed in a small scale taking the vulnerability of the region in consideration. Tourism is important. The subregion invests in recreational living and its services. Primary production is important, and the agriculture is specialized. There is also significant industry in the area (e.g. limestone industry) and new possibilities are found in bio energy and alternative energy forms. The prerequisites for the development are good communications and wireless internet reaching through the whole region.


Vakka-Suomi subregion

The share of manufacturing and primary production is high in Vakka-Suomi subregion (32 000 inhabitants). The region is a part of the southwest coast by highway 8. In recent years the region has invested in diversifying the structure of the economic life. The emphasis lies on vehicle and metal industry/sea cluster, ecologic energy forms and energy technology, food industry, agriculture and fish industry, and in the welfare business.