University of Turku

The multidisciplinary research of University of Turku (founded in 1920) was strengthened by Turku School of Economic, which was consolidated with the university in the beginning of 2010, and became a faculty there. University of Turku has seven faculties and eleven independent institutions. The faculties are: Humanities, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Medicine, Law, Social Sciences, Education and Turku School of Economics. The number of students is 20 000 and personnel 3 000. The faculty of Humanities is the biggest, and its range of subjects in creative arts is the largest in the country. Turku School of Economics is specialized in the development of international business knowledge, advancement of entrepreneurial activities, and outlining the future.


Åbo Akademi University

Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU) (founded in 1918) is multidisciplinary and the only university in Finland with Swedish as its language. ÅAU is divided into three divisions and twelve departments and nine independent institutions. The three divisions and their departments are Division of Arts, Education and Theology (Faculty of Arts, Education, and Theology, Department of Psychology and Logopedics), Division of Social Sciences (School of Business and Economics, Department of Social Sciences, Political Sciences, and Law) and Division of Natural Sciences and Technology (Department of Biosciences, Information Technologies, Chemical Engineering, and Natural Sciences). The Faculty of Education and some of the subject in the Departments of Social and Political Sciences are situated in Vasa. The number of students is 7 000 and personnel 1 300. Many of the subjects are the only ones offered in Swedish in Finland.