There are 27 municipalities in the region of Southwest Finland. The municipalities finance the Council's operations with contributions that are proportionate to the size of their populations. The figures are from 31.12.2015.


Population 3 986 Aura thumbnail



Coalition Party 6, Social Democratic Party 6, Centre Party 5, Left Alliance 1

Land area, km2 94,99
Water area, km2 0,58

On the west side of Aura River, vast cultivated fields spread out, and on the  east side rocky hillocks dominate. Aura is old farmland, but also industries have long traditions. In Aura one may paddle in Aura River or visit the museum café of Kuuskoski Mansion.



Population 32 590

Kaarina thumbnail


Coalition Party 16, Social Democratic Party 12, Green League 6, Left Alliance 4, Centre Party 2, Christian Democrats in Finland 3, Swedish People’s Party 2

Land area, km2 150,34
Water area, km2 29,16

Kaarina is in the hemiboreal zone with a lot of leafy trees. Most of Kaarina’s area is cleared. The only lake is Littoistenjärvi. In Kaarina one can visit the ruins of the bishop’s residence Kuusisto, and Kuusisto Castle. 


The Kimito Island

Population 6 909 Kemionsaari thumbnail kemionsaari
Assembly Swedish People’s Party 13, Social Democratic Party 4, Centre Party 1, Left Alliance 1, Constituency Association 7
Land area, km2 686,93
Water area, km2 2 113,94

The Kimito Island is the biggest island in Finland. The Archipelago National Park reaches to the south-western and southern parts of The Kimito Island. The most famous tourist attractions are the Bengtskär lighthouse and the Blåmusslan Visitor Centre in Kasnäs.


Koski Tl

Population 2 399 KoskiTl thumbnail koskitl
Assembly Centre Party 14, Coalition Party 4, Social Democratic Party 2, True Finns 1
Land area, km2 191,46
Water area, km2 0,96

Koski Tl belongs to the Loimaa clay area and the landscape is dominated by widespread cultivated fields. In the northern parts of the municipality parts of the Hevonlinna Ridge are found. The flat landscape is vitalized by the Paimio River and its many rapids. In Koski Tl one can visit the art museum of Yrjö Lippola.



Population 895 Kustavi thumbnail kustavi
Assembly Coalition Party 7, Centre Party 6, Social Democratic Party 4
Land area, km2 165,76
Water area, km2 604,12

The maritime archipelago culture leaves its mark on Kustavi. There are over 2000 islands and isles. Kustavi is connected to the mainland with the Kaitaisten Bridge, built in 1982. By its population Kustavi is the smallest municipality in Southwest Finland. The population multiplies in the summer due to almost 3000 summer cottages. In Kustavi one may visit Isokari Lighthouse.



Population 8 440 Laitila thumbnail laitila
Assembly Centre Party 16, Coalition Party 6, Social Democratic Party 6, Green League 1, Christian Democrats in Finland 1
Land area, km2 531,67
Water area, km2 13,66

By its bedrock Laitila belongs to the Vakka-Suomi Rapakivi granite area. The former lake bottom of Valkojärvi is now a wide-spread cultivation area on the northwest side of Laitila’s centre. There are about 60 lakes in the area. The specialized agriculture, like egg-laying hens and vegetal cultivation, has an important employing role. Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas produces well-known drinks.



Population 19 263 Lieto thumbnail lieto
Assembly Coalition Party 13, Centre Party 9, Social Democratic Party 8, Left Alliance 4, Green League 2, Christian Democrats in Finland 2
Land area, km2 299
Water area, km2 1,67

.The cultural landscape in Lieto is marked by the quite early cleared fields by the river banks o f Aura River and Savijoki River. The landscape is also dominated by rocky hills and forests. The eastside of Littoistenjärvi Lake belongs to Lieto. 



Population 16 467 Loimaa thumbnail loimaa
Assembly Centre Party 16, Coalition Party 11, Left Alliance 7, Social Democratic Party 3, Green League 1
Land area, km2 848,09
Water area, km2 3,84

Loimaa is situated where the historical provinces Southwest Finland, Satakunta and Häme meet by the Loimijoki River. The cultivated areas are regionally valuable. The agriculture is of great significance. Pig and egg-laying hens farming and cultivation of oil plants and seed grains occur in the area. 



Population 2 028 Marttila thumbnail marttila
Assembly Centre Party 8, Coalition Party 4, True Finns 4, Social Democratic Party 1
Land area, km2 195,28
Water area, km2 0,71

Marttila is farmland where the cultivated fields spread out on the Paimionjoki riversides. On the peripheral areas of the municipality forests and mires are found. The raised bog area formed by Karhunperärahka Bog, Juomakivenrahka Bog and Linturahka Bog is partly in the national conservation program for mires. In Marttila one may go on Marttilan Korpi and Huhtaanmaja’s wilderness trails.



Population 9 706 Masku thumbnail masku
Assembly Coalition Party 15, Social Democratic Party 10, Centre Party 8,  Left Alliance 2, Green League 1
Land area, km2 174,90
Water area, km2 29,23

The nourishing ground of Masku is a good for cultivation. A marine climate dominates in western parts of the municipality, and forests dominate the eastern parts. There are 62 islands, of which Livonsaari Island is almost half of Masku’s land area. The beaches formed in the rubble holes are also known as “Masku’s Riviera”. 



Population 7 859 Mynamaki thumbnail mynamaki
Assembly Centre Party 13, Coalition Party 7, Social Democratic Party 6, Left Alliance 4, Green League 1
Land area, km2 519,72
Water area, km2 16,37

The nature of Mynämäki is diverse. Two relatively big rivers, Mynäjoki River and Laajoki River, float through the municipality. The nature consists of rocky hills, vast mires, rubble ridges, a few lakes, vast field areas and forests.  In Mynämäki one can visit Mynälahti Bay’s water bird area. 


Population 18 961 Naantali thumbnail naantali2
Assembly Coalition Party 17, Social Democratic Party 11, Centre Party 5, Left Alliance 2, Green League 2, Christian Democrats in Finland 1
Land area, km2 311,49
Water area, km2 376,42

Naantali is often called the Archipelago city, and its central city area is situated were the seashore and archipelago meet. Naantali is in the rare hemiboreal zone which reaches out to south-western Finland, and is also in the country’s mildest climate zone. Moomin World and Naantali Spa are among Naantali’s most well-known tourist attractions. 


Population 4 859 Nousiainen thumbnail nousiainen
Assembly Centre Party 11, Coalition Party 8, Social Democratic Party 2, Left Alliance 2
Land area, km2 198,81
Water area, km2 0,62

The landscape of Nousiainen is dominated by seedy fields and rocky hillsides. The northern parts of the municipality belong partly to a protected National Park. Finland’s first cathedra was situated in Nousiainen Church, before it was moved to Turku in the 13th century. In Nousiainen one can visit Kuhankuono’s camping trails with services.



Population 1 414 Oripaa thumbnail oripaa
Assembly Centre Party 7, Coalition Party 4, Left Alliance 3, True Finns, Social Democratic Party 1
Land area, km2 117,62
Water area, km2 0,11

Oripää is where Aura River has its source and it’s the place of bogs and springs. Myllylähde Spring, which has been called biggest spring the Nordic countries, releases 6500 m³ water every day. The Oripää moorland is of great significance as rubble-, ground water- and open air area. There is a vivid small airport at Oripää.



Population 15 457 Parainen thumbnail lansiturunmaa
Assembly Swedish People’s Party 15, Social Democratic Party 8, Coalition Party 5, Centre Party 2, Green League 2, Left Alliance 2
Land area, km2 881,80
Water area, km2 4 666,44

The landscape of Parainen varies from flourishing inner archipelago, to the middle archipelago with rocks, forests and fields to the outer archipelago with harsh cliffs and open waters. The Archipelago National Park is mainly situated on parainen’s area.   In Parainen one finds many popular marinas and Finland’s oldest light house island Utö. The Archipelago Road takes the traveller with ferryboats across the Parainen archipelago over bridges and ferries. 



Population 10 620 Paimio thumbnail paimio
Assembly Coalition Party 10,Centre Party 9,  Social Democratic Party 8, Christian Democrats in Finland 2, Left Alliance 2, Green League 2
Land area, km2 238,35
Water area, km2 3,89

The seedy fields of Paimio are centred by the many riversides and rapids.  Paimio sanatorium, a former tuberculosis sanatorium designed by Alvar Aalto is Paimio’s most well-known tourist attraction.



Population 2 136 Pyharanta thumbnail pyhranta
Assembly Coalition Party 8, Centre Party 6,  Social Democratic Party 2, True Finns 1, Constituency Association 5
Land area, km2 143,26
Water area, km2 148,49

Pyhäranta has a long coastline with rocky coastal meadows and cliffs. The inner land consists of hilly Rapakivi granite areas. In the east corner of the municipality there is Otajärvi Lake known for its avifauna, with nature cabins and observing platforms.



Population 8 562 Poytya thumbnail poytya
Assembly Centre Party 14, Coalition Party 11, Social Democratic Party 4, True FInns 3, Left Alliance 2, Christian Democrats in Finland 1
Land area, km2 750,04
Water area, km2 23,65

By the riversides of Aura River, which floats through Pöytyä, there are solid field areas. Also wide forest and mire areas occur. In Pöytyä one can find Vaskijärvi Natural Park, part of Kurjenrahka National Park and part of Kuhankuono’s camping trails. 


Population 24 290 Raisio thumbnail raisio
Assembly Coalition Party 14, Social Democratic Party 12, Left Alliance 8, Centre Party 2, Green League 1, True Finns 1, Christian Democrats in Finland 1
Land area, km2 48,76
Water area, km2 1,30

Raisio is situated on land that has risen from the sea. Before, Raisio was a small community, but due to a long mill tradition and growth of commercial services, the population increased rapidly after the 1940’s. IKEA, and the biggest shopping centre in Southwest Finland, Mylly, is located in Raisio. In Raisio one can visit the Huhko Mansion. 



Population 6 110 Rusko thumbnail rusko
Assembly Coalition Party 9, Centre Party 8, Social Democratic Party 6, Left Alliance 1, Green League 1, True Finns 1
Land area, km2 127,12
Water area, km2 0,78

Rusko is typical Finnish south-western river valley. Most of it is old seabed, and the cultivations are old. T Kuhankuono and Suokulla’s camping trails reach out to Rusko’s area. 


Population 53 890 Salo thumbnail salo
Assembly Social Democratic Party 23, Coalition Party 12, Centre Party 12, True Finns 7, Green League 3, Left Alliance 2, Christian Democrats in Finland 1
Land area, km2 1 986,48
Water area, km2 181,83

Salo is located by the Halikkolahti Bay and reaches far in to the mainland. By its land area, Salo is the biggest municipality in Southwest Finland with 30 districts and 413 villages. There are a lot of services in Salo, among others Wiurila golf and three marinas in Särkisalo in summertime. 



Population 3 019

Sauvo thumbnail


Centre Party 10, Coalition Party 4, Social Democratic Party 3, Green League 1, True Finns 1, Christian Democrats in Finland 1

Land area, km2 252,49
Water area, km2 47,19

Sauvo is surrounded by sea from three sides. Sauvonjoki River floats through the municipality. In Ahtela campsite, owned by Turku, camps for up to 2000 youths are arranged.


Population 9 093

Somero thumbnail


Centre Party 16, Coalition Party 7, Social Democratic Party 6, Left Alliance 1, Green League 1

Land area, km2 667,78
Water area, km2 29,90

The landscape of Somero varies from rubble ridged fields to forested dells to Paimiojoki River’s water landscapes.  In Somero one can visit Hiidenlinna Castle, which is the only castle planned and built by one man in the 20th century. 



Population 185 908

Turku thumbnail


Coalition Party 19, Social Democratic Party 14, Green League 10, Left Alliance 19, Swedish People’s Party 4, Centre Party 4, True Finns 2, Christian Democrats in Finland 1, The Bluewhites 1

Land area, km2 245,66
Water area, km2 60,70

The city area is former archipelago which has risen from the sea. Seven hills surround Aura river valley in the city centre. The biggest islands are Kakskerta, Satava, Hirvensalo and Ruissalo. Turku was the capital of Finland until 1812. Turku has four institutions foer higher education: University of Turku, Åbo Academy University, Turku University of Applied Sciences and Novia University of Applied Sciences. Turku harbour is crucial for Turku’s logistics. One of the most popular tourist attractions is Turku Castle.


Population 15 510

Uusikaupunki thumbnail


Social Democratic Party 15, Coalition Party 10, Centre Party 8, True Finns 4, Left Alliance 3, Christian Democrats in Finland 1, Communist Party of Finland 1, The Change2011 1

Land area, km2 502,38
Water area, km2 1 430,26

In Uusikaupunki one has the possibility to move from harsh outer archipelago to the coastline and further to the countryside. The Treaty of Nystad was concluded in Uusikaupunki in 1721 between Sweden and Russia. That meant the end of the Swedish imperial era. The only automobile factory in Finland, Valmet Automotive Oy, is located in Uusikaupunki. Also a great automobile museum is found in the city.


Population 2 276

Vehmaa thumbnail


Centre Party 8, Social Democratic Party 4, Coalition Party 3, True Finns 1, Left Alliance 1, Constituency Association 1

Land area, km2 188,77
Water area, km2 13,32

Vehmaa is located on coastal area, but there are relatively little coastline. The bifurcated Vehmaansalmi Strait goes a far way in to the mainland. In Vehmaa one can visit the Nuhjala mansion in 18th century rococo-style.