laivahorisontissaThe Archipelago cooperation of the Nordic Council of Ministers is one of the eleven interregional cooperations in the Nordic countries. The Regional Council of Southwest Finland administers the cooperation.

The area for the cooperation consists of Stockholm, Sörmland and Uppsala's archipelagic areas, and in Finland Southwest Finland and Länsi Uusimaa's archipelagic areas. The cooperation has functioned since 1978.

A part from the Nordic Council of Ministers, the co-operation is founded through a contract that has been signed by eleven regional authorities in Finland and Sweden. The countries also participate in the financing.

The managing board of the Regional Council of Southwest Finland decided to take over the administration of the cooperation after the Åland Islands from July 2010 onwards.

The head of the cooperation Carl-Bertil Tauler is investigating the possibilities for expanding the area to the same as the Central Baltic Interreg IV A archipelago-subproject. That is the Estonian islands, the whole east coast of Sweden including Gotland, and all the archipelagic areas of Uusimaa and Kymenlaakso in Finland.


More information:

Head of the Archipelago cooperation Carl-Bertil Tauler
+358 400 69 44 22
cb . tauler (at) parnet . fi